The Ram 1500 is well-known as a reliable and powerful truck. The Ram 1500, available at London City Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep, is designed with safety in mind. Several important features are built into the Ram 1500 that will keep you safer.

One of the important safety features that you will find in the Ram 1500 is blind spot monitoring with trailer detection. This system scans along the side of the truck and any trailers that are being towed. If another vehicle is detected coming up alongside the Ram 1500, an alert is sounded to keep you from changing lanes.

Another important safety feature found on the Ram 1500 is adaptive cruise control with stop and go. Once the cruise speed is set, the system monitors for slower traffic ahead. If slower cars are detected, the system slows the Ram 1500 down. The pre-set speed will automatically resume once the slower traffic has cleared the area.