The new Dodge Challenger provides plenty of power on the road using its fuel-efficient engine. The engine doesn't work alone when it helps reaches top speeds. Instead, it relies on its strong V8 hardware and a highly reliable transmission system.

As the V8 engine and the eight-speed transmission system work together, they produce dramatic performance results. The Challenger engine's standout feature is called Fuel Saver Technology; this hardware is very strategic because it deactivates some of the cylinders whenever they're not needed.

To experience how the Dodge Challenger operates on the road, you'll have to schedule a test drive. During a session, the engine hardware will impress you. It has a powerful HEMI that's capable of generating 375 horsepower and a lot of consistent torque. There are many roads where you can drive the Challenger at practical speeds in London, ON. If you want to test the Challenger's engine on these roads, you can arrange a test drive at London City Chrysler Dodge Ram.