Available in the Big Horn and other signature editions, the Ram 3500 is a legendary American pickup truck that is listed for sale and lease by London City Chrysler Dodge Ram. If you want maximum interior comfort, select the Mega Cab for this powerful vehicle that has innovative technologies under the hood.

An anti-spin differential provides thorough support to the rear axle on this Ram pickup truck. This critical mechanical component lowers the possibility of slipping on off-road trails. A differential axle with a conventional configuration also provides reliable leverage to the driveline. Torque is extracted from an automatic gearbox that has six or eight speeds.

The Aisin transmission has been tweaked specifically for the Cummins engine block, which uses diesel fuel. Rated at 1,000 net pound-feet, this turbo powertrain is unmatched in its capabilities. Additionally, the Cummins system is given a towing rating of 35,100 pounds based on conventional trailering standards.