Regardless of the type of driving you do, you'll love the Dodge Charger. As a mid-sized sedan, it's filled with technological features that will make your trip as pleasant and safe as possible. London City Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep can show you all of the available options and show you how they work.

The new Dodge Charger comes with several different drive modes to choose from. Whether you're calmly driving your children to school or ready to unleash the power of this muscle machine, the engine, transmission, and steering can be adjusted for ideal performance.

To take the stress out of digging your keys out of your purse or pockets, the Dodge Charger comes with a Keyless Enter 'N Go key fob. The doors will automatically unlock when you pull on the front door handle when you have your keys nearby. You'll also be able to start the car by pushing a button.



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