The Dodge Charger is one of Dodge's popular mid-size sedans. Many Charger enthusiasts have been in love with the car since its inception. It has many features people appreciate, like the interior features.

Spacious Trunk

If you have a lot to transport, you might be thrilled to know that the Charger offers 16.5 cubic feet of space for your things. The trunk can even fit certain instruments if you're in a band or whatever else you want to use the space for.

Heated Seats

In the winter, sometimes you don't want to get in your car because you know it's going to be cold. Well, the Dodge Charger offers heated seats in the front and back. You can even get ventilated front seats if you choose this option.

These are just two features you should know about. You can check out more when you come in for a test drive at London City Chrysler Dodge Jeep. You might like that you can start and stop the car with a simple button.